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Throughout the year, J2F organises language/cultural immersion for schools where the children travel with their own teachers.

These are typically to Spain, France or English-speaking destinations but the destinations are endless, the courses are varied and the options are limitless.

It can be a cultural tour, language immersion course or a more social programme.


At J2F, your language immersion takes place outside the classroom.
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A different language is a different vision of life

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”


Journey to Fluency and Chhabria’s Academy are two different parts to the same dedicated company.

While Chhabria’s Academy has been operating for 15 years, Journey to Fluency is beginning its second year of success. Run by the same enthusiastic and dedicated staff, both arms of the company strive to provide the best educational travel on the market. Besides organizing travel, team members accompany students to ensure the highest quality experiences, a detail not available with many of our competitors.

Our ethos is simple –  together with monitors, a member of the team’s management is always available on every trip to control quality and guarantee success.

Please be in touch with any questions you might have regarding our services. We love hearing from our clients and look forward to working with you.


Language Immersion Abroad

The best way to learn any language is without a doubt speaking with locals.

Language immersion abroad allows for you to become completely surrounded by the language and culture you are studying, and gives you ample time to practice with locals.

Not only do you get to practice your target language, but you get to experience local customs, enjoy local cuisine, and most importantly, make friends so you can practice your language, even when the experience is over.

We believe that through the learning of new languages and contact with multiple cultures, students of all ages can improve their quality of life.

The encouragement of intercultural exchange is proven to improve thinking capacity, and allows for communication across both cultural and geographical boundaries.

We can learn from each other and improve the world together!

From the moment you choose to say “YES!” for a course your language immersion experience really begins!



Our Language Centers - Madrid

Chhabria’s Academy has been working with students in two centres for over 15 years.

We are able to assist with preparation for globally recognized Cambridge exams, including the YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE. We can also assist with IELTS and TRINITY exams.

We can provide official certificates for students who wish to show their academic progress for work or studies.

We work with students of all ages and from all backgrounds, assisting to develop the major skills associated with linguistic study: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We have specialized courses in business vocabulary to ensure that our students are able to put their language skills to use professionally following the completion of a course.

Our courses are bespoke and designed to meet the individual needs of each student, regardless of their beginning level of language ability.

Our professional instructors are experienced in experiential learning and are able to alter each course to ensure proven development in a timely manner. We take great pride in our work and love to see our students improve.

One of the greatest aspects of teaching a language is the satisfaction derived when a student succeeds and meets their goals.
Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about how we can put our experience to use for you.