"Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience"

Francis Bacon



Join us on a Journey to Fluency and bridge the gap between your dreams and the world.

At the beginning…

Originally from India, our family migrated to Madrid, Spain in 2002. Since 2005, we have assisted native Spanish as well as international speakers of other languages to learn and practice English in our two language centres.

When we arrived in Madrid, everything was exciting and new: we got to experience a new language and culture. It took some time to adapt to our new surroundings, but gradually we became accustomed to the vivid culture, rich cuisine, beautiful art and stunning architecture that Madrileños enjoy daily.

…then we needed to bridge the language barrier

Our biggest obstacle however, was communicating. We needed to bridge the language barrier that existed between us and our new host city’s inhabitants.

We put our hearts and souls into learning the local language. Upon arrival we only spoke English, but we quickly learned the importance of learning the language of the locals for an improved quality of life.

One day, after school, my mother and I were overheard speaking English to each other by a local Spanish mother. She asked if we could teach her children to converse in English, to which we were happy to say yes! We were excited to share our culture and knowledge, and assist young people to gain a command of the English language.

…and now we are growing

Now, not only do we teach English in our centres from 16:00 to 21:30 daily, but we offer English language travel programs. For nearly five years we have worked with service providers to give our students a chance to travel and practice speaking with native speakers in their native country. Now we have expanded our services to encourage our students directly with our travel programs.

We began as a small, family run informal group of hopeful people that wanted to share culture and impart the importance of language to our new neighbours. Now, we have grown exponentially. We believe in the important power of language and will continue to do our best to cater to our clients in this rewarding industry.

We hold five core values that guide our business making decisions, and believe they continue to be the fuel to our success. They are the PIECE of a puzzle that includes our instructors, staff, students, and service providers to do the best work and ensure quality education for language learners of all ages.

…these are our values


  • PASSION – We are truly passionate about the value of language learning.
  • INSPIRATION – We strive to inspire a hunger for knowledge and continued learning.
  • EXPERIENCE – With 15 years of experience we have developed strong, tested curricula.
  • CREATIVITY – We want our students to have fun and think outside the box.
  • ENTHUSIASM – Our teachers will share their enthusiasm for language and culture.

…and the story doesn’t finish here


We began with a small group of Spanish students who would come to study after school. Over time, the word spread that we were teaching English and the demand for our classes grew. We decided to open a language centre in Madrid, which soon became two!




Join us on a Journey to Fluency and bridge the gap between your dreams and the world.

J2F firmly believes that language courses abroad are a very valuable experience for anyone. They offer students a chance to develop a better persona by exposing them to different cultures, languages and customs. This helps our students expand their knowledge base and improve their skillset. We use unconventional methods as we focus on conversation and vocabulary in our classrooms. The students quickly gain confidence and increase their abilities.

J2F runs an English academy in Madrid preparing students for the prestigious Cambridge exams.

Accompanied by J2F monitors, these same students together with others from all over Europe travel to English speaking countries during the summer holidays.

These summer immersion are for the students to perfect their skills and to enjoy cultural immersion in the different countries.


Throughout the year, J2F organises language/cultural immersion for schools where the children travel with their own teachers.

These are typically to Spain, France or English-speaking destinations but the destinations are endless, the courses are varied and the options are limitless.

It can be a cultural tour, language immersion course or a more social programme.

Choose a destination from our brochure or ask us to tailor-make a trip just for your school. 3 days to 3 months.

J2F also offers football training!

Come to Madrid to improve your football skills. Spain is a football-mad country.

Madrid is the perfect place to improve both your Spanish AND your football.

Options available throughout the year from one week upwards with J2F monitors or with your school teachers.

We provide everything from balls to books.


We treat our mission with commitment and professionalism. We are dedicated to ensuring that all students learn in a motivating and challenging environment and that they enjoy learning. Apart from the words and phrases that make up a language, they are taught the values of respect and self-respect, tolerance and empathy.

We encourage language and cultural immersion from a young age and promote the concept of travel. Travel does not only teach you languages but it also makes you a more well-rounded and independent person.Finally, J2F is a work of the heart. Mine! As the founder, I am a passionate and active traveller.

I love languages, I am fascinated by the various cultures of the world and I want to make a positive contribution to society.

I would love to learn about you and your family’s dreams and aspirations.

I leave you with this …

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”.

Saint Augustine